CIPS Membership

CIPS Membership

Join CIPS and become part of a global community of over 200,000 professionally recognised and qualified members, with other leading business people, professional managers and academics.

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Become Qualified

Throughout the world CIPS qualifications are recognised as driving leading edge thinking and professionalism in procurement. MCIPS is recognised worldwide as the standard for procurement professionals.

Training Courses

Training Courses

Our programmes help professionals deliver real strategic and sustainable value to their organisations. The quality of the programme leaders and range of training are designed to suit professionals at all levels.

Latest News

Digitalisation in Procurement & Supply - please support the research

15 July 2019

For the second year running, CIPS in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, is launching global research to gather intelligence on the level of understanding of supply chain digitalisation, and what this means for procurement and the wider business community.

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CIPS Congress – voting now open for member representatives around the world

12 July 2019

This important role provides feedback from members to the Global Board of Trustees and to CIPS senior leadership team ensuring the views of the collective membership are represented.

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CIPS supports UK Government to eradicate slavery and improve ethics in procurement

28 March 2019

Ethical training and guidance for commercial and procurement employees in the public sector.

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Global Events

23 Jul 2019


Hays & CIPS South of England Branch Webinar - IR35 Changes Explained

This event will be an Informative webinar around what IR35 is and when the legislation will come into force in the private sector. It will include a comprehensive breakdown of when it is applicable (inside of scope) and when it can be avoided (outside of scope).The risks of not abiding by IR35 will also be covered with real life examples.

25 Jul 2019


QLD Event: CIPSmas in July - Life in and out of Procurement

CIPS Queensland Committee invites you to join us for a fun night celebrating - CIPSmas in July while investing in your professional development! We often underestimate our position and role as Procurement Practitioners! Two inspirational speakers – Jody Rowe and Glen Schafer - will share their personal experience and journey to capitalise on your role in procurement and contract management – to dream big!


Don’t forget to wear your Christmas jumper for an opportunity to win prizes for the best jumper!

26 Jul 2019


Career Talk

The CIPS Malawi Branch would like to invite you to attend their event in Lilongwe.

Event Summary - to enhance CIPS membership.

26 Jul 2019


CIPS Uganda Qualifications Update

Join us for this year’s CIPS Uganda AGM where we will get a chance to hear the main changes to CIPS updated qualifications that will help you find out more about how you can continue on your journey.

Training Courses

15 Aug 2019


Category Management - Two days

An exploration of the methodologies and theory behind category management over the course of two days, focusing in particular on how to generate and mitigate the loss of value through this process.


Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • An overview of the category management process from end-to-end, looking at the various activities and theories that comprise said process. The delegate will also develop a keen understanding of how vital the category management process is and will be able to reinforce this in the eyes of their stakeholders.
  • An understanding of how a category manager influences and drives this process, focusing on how the individual can deliver value to the group though the appropriate application of their understanding.
  • Critical knowledge and confidence around how to engineer plans for category development, factoring in complexity and responding accordingly.
  • A grasp of the strategies behind category management that can assist driving towards the desired outcomes when contending with supplier performance and demand.
  • The skills to delineate between different types of category management relating to procurement, purchasing, and sourcing, as well as awareness around how to mitigate potential risks surrounding role conflict and wrongheaded stratagems.
15 Aug 2019


Introduction to Contract Management - One day

A look at the various methodologies, theories and techniques that assist in managing contracts, explored across a one-day workshop.


Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • An understanding of the role of contract management, and how vital the role of a contract manager is in the procurement lifecycle. Furthermore, the course will explore how vital strong relationship management is for the role.
  • The ability to outline the various components of a contract and the lifecycle of its management. This includes a run through of the variety of contract management tools that are in common use, and also how to apply them.
  • The skills to identify and plan around contract variations, and manage potential risks in regards to them.
  • The tools to realise the intent of a contract in practice and put the deliverables into effect.
  • A look at the contract management planning process, and how to ensure this is appropriate for the given contracts in play.
19 Aug 2019


Specification Writing - One day

There are few elements more pivotal to the overall procurement process than a well-defined, accessible yet thorough specification. This one-day workshop provides a crash course in ensuring the robust development of a specification for a product or service.


Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • The ability to draft an accessible and clear specification, using strong and correct language and cutting out undue and potentially dangerous ambiguity that might damage the end service.
  • An understanding of the process to develop, evaluate, and review a specification, ensuring that anything published can be understood and interpreted correctly by the intended audience. This also pertains to the degree to which the organisation can assess the ultimate performance of delivery.
  • The skillset to draft specifications that will ultimately achieve the desired outcome for the organisation, and that are tailored to the degree of complexity involved in a given category.
  • The knowledge to diagnose when a more generic or market-geared specification is appropriate, or when more specific or client-unique standards are required, and then the tools and skills to proceed accordingly.
  • An understanding of how to identify what in a specification drives quality, and how best to close present and future performance gaps.
22 Aug 2019


Introduction to Procurement - Two days

A two-day overview of the essentials of procurement from end-to-end, exploring the various ways that each process can add value.


Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • An understanding of the procurement process from end-to-end, with a particular focus on how value is added with each component. Within this, delegates will also understand how the role of procurement is far more intensive than straightforward transactional purchasing.
  • A look at appropriate demeanour and approach when going out to tender and dealing with suppliers, and how to mitigate potential risks posed by supplier behaviour.
  • The ability to identify and separate the tools used to engage the market, such as Requests for Information and/or Proposals, and ultimately the usage of those systems.
  • An understanding of how expertise in the procurement field is ultimately essential, particularly around how that expertise is applied.
  • The ability to demonstrate and define value by implementing a variety of evaluation tools and theories.
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