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Throughout the world CIPS qualifications are recognised as driving leading edge thinking and professionalism in procurement. MCIPS is recognised worldwide as the standard for procurement professionals.

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Training Courses

Our programmes help professionals deliver real strategic and sustainable value to their organisations. The quality of the programme leaders and range of training are designed to suit professionals at all levels.

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LAST CHANCE - Please complete the fourth CIPS Brexit survey for a FREE report and prize draw for Amazon vouchers

6 September 2018

Procurement and supply chain professionals are an essential link in managing risk and opportunity for business and economies and guiding their organisations along this complicated path.

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New CIPS Congress Members Announced

24 August 2018

CIPS is proud to announce the newly-elected CIPS Global Congress members whose term will start from 1 November 2018, as voted in by CIPS members.

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Third time running: UNOPS receives award for distinction in sustainable procurement

7 August 2018

UNOPS receives the gold level from the world's leading purchasing and supply association and remains the only United Nations organization to achieve this honour.

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Global Events

19 Sep 2018


Procurement & Engaging SME’s in Oman

Did you know that SME’s are contributing only 15% of Oman’s GDP? In healthier economies they should contribute around 60%.

A step by step is required to build the right foundation to enable the SME’s to grow and contribute to the overall economy.

Please join us to lay the first brick towards supporting Oman’s SME’s and overall economy.

19 Sep 2018


QLD Event: Developing Resilience in Complex Workplaces

CIPS Queensland branch would like to invite you to presentation by Amy Jackson, a Professional Coach, Facilitator and Speaker on a the topic of Developing Resilience in Complex Workplaces. 

Event Supported by: 

Acquire Procurement Services

19 Sep 2018


Tour of Micro Brewery & AGM

The event is a Micro Brewery Tour and the Official AGM for the H&W CIPS Branch.

We will get to know the business of a Micro Brewery, in particular:

  • How do they contract for their Raw Materials
  • How do they control the price
  • Where do they source their raw Materials
  • How competitive is this market
  • How important are the Industry Awards which Hillside Brewery have received
  • How many products are there
  • Is innovation important to the business
  • How many different Sales Outlets are there
  • Are there other Income Streams apart from the Brewery

Official AGM including Election of Officer

19 Sep 2018


WLG Event: Whittakers Chocolate

Whittaker’s is one of Wellington’s best known and loved businesses.

This is an opportunity to hear from their procurement manager about some of the challenges they overcome in making sure everything is in place to make, market and deliver quality chocolate.

Training Courses

19 Sep 2018


Category management

Enhance your knowledge and skills in this increasingly important procurement area

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand why category management is an essential procurement tool
  • Appreciate the benefits of successfully implementing category management
  • Decide which approaches to category management are best suited to your organisation
  • Utitlise a range of tools and techniques to develop category management in your organisation
  • Identify an appropriate implementation strategy 
Please note: this is a two-day training course
25 Sep 2018


Introduction to forecasting techniques and inventory management

Understand how to identify potential future demand so you can make efficient inventory management decisions

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Make your demand forecasts more accurate and more useful
  • Understand different forecasting methods, including the basic techniques as well as some of the more complex models
  • Produce demand forecasts more efficiently
  • Use your knowledge of potential future demand to keep your level of inventory right, improving stock availability, creating cost efficiencies and reducing obsolescence
  • Establish your overall inventory management policy and management framework
  • Address any day-to-day problems that can occur.
25 Sep 2018


Introduction to Procurement - Two days

A two-day overview of the essentials of procurement from end-to-end, exploring the various ways each process can add value.

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • An understanding of the procurement process from end-to-end, with a particular focus on how value is added with each component. Within this, delegates will also understand how the role of procurement is far more intensive than straightforward transactional purchasing.
  • A look at appropriate demeanour and approach when going out to tender and dealing with suppliers, and how to mitigate potential risks posed by supplier behaviour.
  • The ability to identify and separate the tools used to engage the market, such as Requests for Information and/or Proposals, and ultimately the usage of those systems.
  • An understanding of how expertise in the procurement field is ultimately essential, particularly around how that expertise is applied.
  • The ability to demonstrate and define value by implementing a variety of evaluation tools and theories.
26 Sep 2018


Buying services

A different skill set is needed to buy services – this is how to acquire it

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities for value enhancement, improving supplier delivery in relation to business objectives and maintaining the quality of service delivery
  • Understand the key differences and approaches to buying services
  • Try out your learning on your next services purchase through syndicate exercises and case studies
  • Be confident in interpreting supplier objectives and be better equipped to explore service delivery cost drivers.
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